Thursday, June 23, 2016

ok, one more day!

Bring your art projects by tomorrow (Friday) sometime. I don't want anyone to miss out! We have some amazing entries already and a few more people who wanted in. Wish granted. Hurry!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Snack Contest!

THe snack contest will be divided into three categories per Mason's idea: Scariest, Goodest and Most. Winners will get a T-shirt! Bring your snack before 1pm for judging.

Monday, June 13, 2016


Don't forget our EXTRAVABRATION art contest! Please bring your drawings, sculptures, paintings, photos, etc. to our house before June 24 so we can get them ready to display. PRIZES!! PRIZES!! All ages welcome. Katelyn Young will be naming the pieces, which is a special added treat.
Order your t-shirts ASAP! $10 preorder (by WEDNESDAY at noon) or $15 after that (while supplies last!). We just need your size(s) and a commitment to buy. Shirts will be available at the EXTRAVABRATION on June 25! 12 - 5pm. Be there or be chum.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Extravabration Schedule

Here it is - don't miss your favorite part!

12:00    ChumMaster Stroud cooking up his HOT DOGfish masterpieces
             (Shark Slide)

12:30   Sparkle Shark Tattoos & Face Painting (ends at 1:30)
             (Shark Slide)

1:00     Kids Carnival Games (for tickets)
             Bean Bag Toss
             Shark Attack
             (Shark Slide)

2:00     Shark Trivia: Pop Culture (individual or teams of 2-4)
             (Shark Slide)

2:30     Field Games
            Potato Sack Race
            Mermaid Race
            Walk the Plank
            (Shark Slide)

3:00     "A Mile in Their Fins" goldfish catch
            Sharks & Minnows
            (Shark Slide)

4:00     Shark Trivia: General Shark Knowledge (individual or teams of 2-4)
            (4pm kids edition; 4:15 adults)
            (Shark Slide)

4:30      Prize Drawing (must be present to win)
             (Shark Slide)

Monday, July 6, 2015

2015 Shark Week Schedule

Sorry we're slow - too many shiny things to distract us.


7pm-10pm   •  Shark Necklaces $3
                     •  Let the TV rain down shark knowledge and fear upon us
                     •  SW BINGO - chocolate sharks for the winners!


10am-2pm    •  SCHOOL OF FISH (a few spots still available! Comment for more info)
                         ages 3-11, $20 includes shirt, games, crafts, lunch, goodie bag,                    

7pm-10pm     •  Work on ART CONTEST submissions - some supplies will be available or  
                           bring your own (Art Contest submissions due BEFORE Saturday!)
                       •  Marshmallow Shark Madness Action Mega Pops 
                           (Instructions from - thank you cookie stranger)


1pm               •  Meet at St. Louis Zoo for Shark & Stingray worship or feeding 
                          (chum is $1 and they only take cash) Dress as Sharks to get in free

7-10pm        •  Shark Bags - canvas bags (like camp) $5 or bring your own ($2 for felt, etc.)
                        Similar to one above but bigger & more blood-thirsty

8:30pm       •  Dive-In Movie: JAWS IV 
                       bring your suit and a float or a chair along with some chum to share


12-5pm      •  EXTRAVABRATION!! (Yes, we have the slide)
                      Extravabrate good times, c'mon! Let's all extravabrate and have a good time!
                      A more detailed schedule to be posted soon!