Monday, July 6, 2015

2015 Shark Week Schedule

Sorry we're slow - too many shiny things to distract us.


7pm-10pm   •  Shark Necklaces $3
                     •  Let the TV rain down shark knowledge and fear upon us
                     •  SW BINGO - chocolate sharks for the winners!


10am-2pm    •  SCHOOL OF FISH (a few spots still available! Comment for more info)
                         ages 3-11, $20 includes shirt, games, crafts, lunch, goodie bag,                    

7pm-10pm     •  Work on ART CONTEST submissions - some supplies will be available or  
                           bring your own (Art Contest submissions due BEFORE Saturday!)
                       •  Marshmallow Shark Madness Action Mega Pops 
                           (Instructions from - thank you cookie stranger)


1pm               •  Meet at St. Louis Zoo for Shark & Stingray worship or feeding 
                          (chum is $1 and they only take cash) Dress as Sharks to get in free

7-10pm        •  Shark Bags - canvas bags (like camp) $5 or bring your own ($2 for felt, etc.)
                        Similar to one above but bigger & more blood-thirsty

8:30pm       •  Dive-In Movie: JAWS IV 
                       bring your suit and a float or a chair along with some chum to share


12-5pm      •  EXTRAVABRATION!! (Yes, we have the slide)
                      Extravabrate good times, c'mon! Let's all extravabrate and have a good time!
                      A more detailed schedule to be posted soon! 


Friday, June 26, 2015

Eight Days Away!

Shark Week 2015 is only eight days away! Are we going big? Of course and doy. We have a couple cool crafts planned and then the usual bingo, art contest, dive-in movie, shark-petting, t-shirts, School of Fish and of course, EXTRAVABRATION. The EXTRAVABRATION will be held on July 11 from 12-5. yes, we have the slide again. 

Keep checking for more updates and the week schedule!

FBF Look How Much They've Grown!

FLashBack Friday 2010

2010 Our Shark Week

This was the first year we really started going big. We printed out iron-ons of a drawing by then 11 year-old Katelyn and pressed them on clearance Target shirts. Here's some of the other stuff from that year.
This was the first "A Mile in Their Fins" goldfish game. I love this pic of Erica.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Schedule for the rest of the Week

Thanks to everyone who helped out and came to the Extravabration. It was so fun. We tried to hurt ourselves many different ways on the slide after everyone left.

For the rest of the week:


6:30pm - 9ish We are decorating canvas tote bags and playing some SW bingo while (hopefully - we've had some technical difficulties) watching Monster Hammerhead. I have a limited # of canvas bags available - first come, first serve. They are $3.50. (I'll donate the vinyl and other decorations.) You can purchase your own at Hobby Lobby or Michaels for about that much. You do not have to do any of the crafts. Just come and watch if you want.


7pm Shiloh Young Women are coming to make locker magnets and watch some Alien Sharks. YW only tonight (and moms of YW if you want).


6:30 - 9ish  We are stamping some Tom lookalikes. You can pick some up at 5 Below for $5. Or any canvas shoes will work. We're watching Lair of the Mega Shark.


8pm  DIVE IN MOVIE! We've seen Jaws and Jaws II so it's time for Jaws 3! But not in 3D unfortunately. I saw this one in the theater when I was Preslie's age and it scared me out of my mind. Probably contributed heavily to my shark fascination/abhorrence/love. Wear your swimsuit and bring a snack to share. (Yes. You can sit out of the pool in non-swimwear.) The high on Friday is supposed to be 86° with the moon waning gibbous.

Comment here if you have any questions! See you? See you. See you!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Extravabration Schedule

Hi. How are you? I'm fine. How are you?
Here's the tentative schedule for Saturday. Those who have so generously expressed interest in helping out, take note of when the activities are in which you want to participate so that we can work around them.

ALL DAY (12-5):
                    Shark Slide
                    Fishing for prizes (baby to 5yr)
                    ChumLand (similar to CandyLand - only not as delicious and life-sized)
                    Feed the Shark Toss
                    Shark Attack game

Special Activities:

12:00pm      HOT DOGS
12:30           HANDS ON SHARK CONTEST begins
                    HOT DOGS
1!00             SPARKLE TATTOOS
                    HANDS ON SHARK CONTEST, continued
1!30             SPARKLE TATTOOS

2.00             TRIVIA - Sharks in Pop Culture (grab a team or play alone!)

2;30             MERMAID RELAY (Find a little mermaid to be your partner)

3:00             GOLDFISH DIVE (Swim a mile in a Shark's shoes. Catch as many prey as you can and                       win big!)

4!00             TRIVIA - General Shark Knowledge

                    RAFFLE PRIZE DRAWING

See you then!